What Our Patients Say...
Physiotherapy Review (Treatment by Graham)

After rupturing my ACL and having reconstructive surgery, I would not have made the recovery I did without Graham.
The personal and understanding approach is amazing. For myself who has a passion in a career, I can see this in Graham's treatment, knowledge and experience.

I cannot express my gratitude enough, for the early stages of rehab are the most important, which has rebuilt the foundations for me to now get back to a previous level snowboarding I didn't think I would be able to get back to so soon.

This was nearly the hardest experience of my life to go through, but without this brillant team, I feel the present outcome would be quite different.

Keep up the amazing work you all do. 

James M (June 2023)
Podiatry Review (Treatment by Lana)

Thank you for providing me with the best care for my feet.  I had the best experience.  I was provided with insoles to wear in my shoes and toe separators.  Lana asked me to send a photo of my feet within a month so she can see any progress or if I would need to come back for any other changes.  She also gave me exercises and was brilliant examining my ankles and feet.  She was amazing and made me feel really comfortable.

Many thanks.

Hayleigh (May 2021)
Physiotherapy Review (Treatment by Graham)

My husband and myself have both been patients of Graham at Havering Therapy Centre since 2014 firstly when I had badly torn my calf muscle. I had originally been given the wrong advice from a nurse at a hospital in London when it happened so I was extremely grateful to have found Graham who very quickly got me walking again after having hobbled in on crutches feeling very sorry for myself and in a lot of pain and in great discomfort.

When I first met Graham he listened when I explained exactly what had happened to my calf. The care I received from Graham was both professional and excellent at all times. He worked on my calf muscle using massage, ultrasound therapy and acupuncture for a number of sessions as the tear was so bad.

Two months after I started my treatment with Graham, my husband, following my recommendation, also started treatment with Graham after having had back surgery on a herniated disc the month before. We can both honestly say that Graham gave my husband his life & confidence back and something that we are both eternally grateful for.  My husband says he would only ever trust Graham to work on his back or any other issue.  Graham had commented when the physio treatment was complete that my husband has got a lot more movement in his back than he had expected following the nature of his original injury/surgery and my husband and I are certain that this is definitely contributed by Graham’s work that he has done.

Since then my husband has been treated by Graham for a frozen shoulder and again the care and treatment received has always been excellent. Also if my husband’s back has needed a bit of physio as it has got stiff just one session has him back to normal.

I have myself been treated by Graham since for a couple of back issues and also following surgery for carpel tunnel. Without physiotherapy my recovery would definitely had not been as quick without Graham’s hard work.

Graham is very hardworking & totally dedicated to dealing with his patients physio needs and would also add that he is a very nice and friendly individual.

All the staff that we have dealt with have always been very polite and professional and caring and we would absolutely recommend Havering Therapy Centre to everyone. 

Kathy S (January 2021)
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