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Physiotherapists help people with injury, illness or disability through the practice of manual therapy, acupuncture, soft tissue massage, electrotherapy, exercise, education and advice.

Physiotherapists help to facilitate recovery by using a science-based, holistic approach to a person's wellbeing. The goal is often to reduce pain, improve function such as enabling people to stay in work while helping them remain independent for as long as possible.
You can benefit from Physiotherapy at any age. Common problems that a Physiotherapist can help you with are; spinal pain and sciatica, postural problems, post operative rehabilitation, repetitive strain injuries, sports injuries, arthritis, muscle spasm, joint stiffness.

If you are not sure whether we can help with your condition, please feel free to contact the clinic and we will be happy to discuss your problem with you to make sure that it is something that we can help you with. If not, we can often advise you who may be able to help.

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To book your appointment CALL 01708 621111 or EMAIL