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 Counselling gives you the opportunity to talk about your issues in a safe and confidential environment with a trained professional.  Your therapist will help you to better understand yourself and others by helping you to understand your feelings and behaviours and exploring your thoughts. 

The therapist will not prescribe you medication, give advice or opinions, they will help you to find your own solutions by encouraging you to make constructive changes in your life or help you find ways of coping with your problems.

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I met with Louise to help me with acceptance and coming to terms with a chronic pain condition I have that was causing me anxiety and depression.  I only had three or four sessions with Louise, as that was enough for her to understand the issues I had and she allowed me to talk through them.  She listened and challenged my negative thinking in a soft and gentle way that I did not find uncomfortable.

Louise was able to offer me other ways of seeing my problem and helped me understand how my negative thinking could be reversed with acceptance of how I felt about myself and my problems.  She is intuitive and picks up on the most important issues that could be changed.

Of course correction of my "stinking thinking" has to be down to me, but Louise guided me in the right direction.

She is a lovely lady who is very approachable and friendly.
I can recommend Louise as a first choice for anyone needing help with anxious thoughts and depression, particularly over health matters.  However, I am sure she can provide the help you might need in other issues you may wish to be free of.

Louise is a great therapist and she helped me value myself and think about things in different ways positively. Session room is comfy and coisy. I was so worried about attending my first session but i felt so comfortable straightway, the 50 mins session felt like hours catching up with an old friend.

she is fantastic. She's given me tools to help myself throughout life and in the future whilst also helping me to understand what I was feeling and where it was coming from. She is an exceptional therapist who I would throughly recommend to others. My sessions with her have really benefitted me and my life and helped me push forward in life to create the life of my dreams.

I can’t thank Louise enough for all the support she provided me. When I first started seeing Louise I was struggling with OCD and low self-esteem from past trauma. Louise listened to me with empathy and care and she really went the extra mile in supporting me. Louise empowered me to solve my own problems by guiding me and helping me to believe in myself.  Thank you Louise for everything.

To book your appointment CALL 01708 621111 or EMAIL