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Havering Therapy Centre

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since 1974

At Havering Therapy Centre we are a well-established clinic offering a wide range of therapeutic services, including Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Sports Massage and Counselling.
Our clinic is easily accessible in a prime location in Hornchurch with easy access to public transport and car parking facilities.
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...are among the services provided by our experts at the Havering Therapy Centre to get you back to your best and enjoying life again 

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Our Pledge To You and Your Recovery

   At Havering Therapy Centre our team of highly experienced experts understand what you are dealing with and the problems this can cause you in life. Our team is committed to delivering personalised care, tailoring our services to suit your unique physical condition. We will be with you, every step of the way towards a revitalised life.


Suffering with back pain or sciatica? Our expert physiotherapists can help you get back to a more normal life. Postural problems, post-operative rehabilitation, repetitive strain injuries, sports injuries, arthritis, muscle spasm and joint stiffness are just some of the other painful conditions that can be relieved through expert physiotherapy treatment.

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Problem with your foot or ankle? Our team can help you get over those difficulties and back to full mobility. Bunions, corns and calluses, ingrowing toenails, heel pain, verrucae, flat feet and  stiffness in toes are common problems we can help you with.

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Modern day life can be stressful and often it's not clear what to do about particular problems. Counselling lets you talk about issues in a safe and confidential environment with a professional therapist. They will help you find the right answers for you to make constructive changes in your life and overcome your problems.

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Our Full Range of Therapeutic Services

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Podiatry / Chiropody

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Sports Massage

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What our patients are saying...

See why our care is so highly rated...

Amazing...made me feel
really comfortable
- Hayleigh
She was brilliant examining my ankles and feet.  She was amazing and made me feel really comfortable...Many thanks!
Keep up the amazing work
you all do
- James
I cannot express my gratitude enough, for the early stages of rehab are the most important, which has rebuilt the foundations for me to now get back to a previous level snowboarding I didn't think I would be able to get back to so soon.
I was extremely grateful to have found Graham
- Kathy
All the staff that we have dealt with have always been very polite and professional and caring and we would absolutely recommend Havering Therapy Centre to everyone. 
Case Study - James' Incredible Recovery Journey

 Meet James. An accomplished snowboarder, he suffered a ruptured ACL and needed extensive reconstructive surgery. James had real concerns that he would never get back to his previous levels. Our specialised physiotherapy and sport injury rehabilitation services came to his rescue. Today, he is back to his previous high levels of success faster than he dared think was possible.

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Who We Are

We are a well-established clinic offering a wide range of therapeutic services with a professional and personal touch.

Our team dedicates its years of professional expertise and heartfelt care to work with you in solving your physical challenges, resulting in a refurbished, vibrant, and pain-free life.

Meet Some of Our Incredible Team:

A Team You Can Trust

Graham Holman
Graham is a physiotherapist and also the Clinic Manager. Graham works at the clinic on Monday, Tuesday (evening), Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (morning). Graham is registered with the HCPC and is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.
Coryn Baruwa
Coryn is one of our podiatrists. She works every Tuesday and some Saturday mornings. Coryn graduated from the University of Salford in 2016 with a BSc in Podiatry.
Jodie Brien
Jodie is on of our Counsellors. She is a fully qualified, trained Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor, working with Trauma, LGBTQ, Anxiety Disorder, Neurodiversity, and various mental health issues.

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Wednesday       8:30AM - 7PM
Thursday           8:30AM - 7PM
Friday                 9:00AM - 6PM
Saturday            9:00AM - 1PM
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